The secretariat service is, surely, the key to a successful event. Our team guarantees a professional support.


All the necessary communication related to guests participation (from invitations, travel, accommodation, meals to thank you letters and certificates)


All the necessary communication related to sponsors, before and during the event - gathering, negotiation and venue logistic

Social Program

Support on program and/or venue selection, promotion, registrations and on site management


Provided by a minimum of two people; includes accreditation and printing of badges on-spot


National and international communication with the aim of extend the reach of the event and the number of participants

Book of Abstracts

All accepted abstracts, by theme and/or presentation type


All the logistical and organisational aspects related to the event


Survey templates for attendees assessment of the success of the event


Professional technical sound and video services and/or support for in-person presentations


Each event is unique and brings us a new challenge. Our team helps with the decision-making process

Financial Management

Financial Integration for suppliers management and/or purchases


Event Registration

Registrations by categories, values per category and per phase dates

Extra Activities Registration

Social events, workshops, and other. Cost by activity with different variants


Payment by debit or credit card (PCI standards)


Several solutions for registration invoicing

Registration Reports

By category, attendance type, registration status and/or other

Abstract Submission

Individual abstracts submission in the event platform where authors can manage their abstracts

Proposal Submission

Panels or any other kind of presentation that involves the association of more that one abstract

Abstract Review

Simple and intuitive online process, based on evaluation parameters associated with scores

Proposal Review

Integrated assessment of the abstracts that together constitutes one proposal

Abstract Presentation Files

Presentations files submission of oral communications, posters and/or other

Final Text Submission

Final paper file submission for any kind of publication

Abstract Reports

By theme, presentation type, registration status and/or attendance type

Event Check-in

Accreditation that allows access to the event and certificate issuing

Activities Checkpoint

Access control to online and/or in-person activities


For participants, authors, activity members and/or event members


Simple template created and designed to ensure an organized and user-friendly presentation of information

Dynamic Schedule

Detailed schedule updated in an automatic and dynamic way

"My Schedule"

Easy way to find your sessions

Speakers Detail

Photo, short bio, CV and social links

Activities Detail

Day, time, place, members, talk titles and/or short description

Virtual Sessions

Access control is automatic, based on the status of registrations and payments

Poster Exhibition

Virtual room that showcases poster and video and/or audio presentation files, where attendees can leave comments and questions

Sponsors Exhibition

Virtual stand that showcases images, flyers, and/or promotional video and also a private meeting room

Email Broadcasts

Regular communication with participants about important event information and/or norms

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  • We can make available a team of experienced translators
  • Can be hired according to the needs of the event.
  • Catering services are outsourced and selected for their quality of service.
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